Smart Dynamod Inventory Software Standard

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What Is Smart New Retail?

Smart Dynamod Inventory Software Standard Includes

(A) Modules of DynaMod Inventory (Standard) 

    1) Inventory Module

Setup Stock, Stock listing, Stock opening, Stock Take, Stock adjustment , Stock issue, Stock receive, Stock Write Off, Stock balance, Stock Aging, Enquiry Screen & Stock Sales Analysis.

    2) Supplier Module

        Setup Supplier, Purchase Order, Goods Return Note, Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Enquiry Screen & Reporting.

    3) Customer Module

        Setup Customer, Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Credit Note, Enquiry Screen & reporting.

    4) POS Management Module

        Setup Cashier Access Right, Discount Template, Cash Count, Setting, Voucher, POS Sales Reports.


(B) Key Features Highlight of Dynamod Inventory (Standard)

- Setup Stock: Bar code, category settings

- Multi level price set Minimum price control

- Stock Price & Location Control

- Stock Adjustment Transfer & Return

- Stock Aging

- Stock Break-even

- Stock Sales Analysis

- Stock Control with multi unit measurement

- Built-of-Material Control

- Stock reorder control

- Re-order control

- POS Simulation

Sample Reports

Customer Invoice Listing

Supplier Invoice (A4) - Tax Invoice

Stock Sales Analysis - Detail