Superb Business Boom with 7-in-1 systems

Product Code: Superb Business Boom with 7-in-1 systems
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You started a shop, thinking a GOOD POSsystem should be slim, pretty & cheap!!
Soon you'll rather it to be effective, makes life easy & reliable & have someone to back you up when in need!

We're RIGHT HERE! & having a promo now to lighten up during this challenging pandemic time.

A good system in place will not just quicken day to day tasks, it allows you to live the lifestyle & spend time with love ones!
As it serve as your
*super biz manager
*super accountant
*super stock keeper

taking away work load, allow you to be in control with crystal clear info anywhere anytime!

Find out why 2 0 0 0 0 success clients have been on board with the 7-in-1 systems till today.

Free 3 Hardware
- Cash Drawer
- Receipt Printer
- Barcode Printer

This Package Include
- Inventory Standard (1 User)
- Point Of Sales (1 Counter)
- Marketplace (1 Store)
- Info2go Apps ( 1 User)
- Online Training
- Online & Telephone Support